Kukenam Sleepaway Camp

Where Adventures Shape Leaders

A Summer Like No Other: Kukenam Sleepaway Camp offers an extraordinary summer adventure for campers aged 7 to 15. It’s a place where the thrill of a wide range of activities, challenges, and adventures not only makes summer unforgettable but also develops crucial life skills.

Fostering Skills and Values

Our sleepaway program is designed to provide campers with the perfect environment for growth. It’s here that they cultivate skills and values that will last a lifetime

Save Adventures, Guided Fun

Every adventure at Kukenam Sleepaway Camp is carefully supervised by our trained staff and counselors. They accompany campers throughout the day, ensuring physical and emotional safety while prioritizing one thing above all else: FUN!

Our Camp

Nestled in the serene beauty of Orange Springs, just a five-hour drive north of Miami, our camp is ideally located near Ocala, FL. Our facilities are designed with camp programs in mind, featuring:

The journey begins

Our camp session spans two unforgettable weeks, from Sunday, June 30th, to Friday, July 12th. It’s a journey filled with exciting activities, new friendships, and personal growth.

Registration and Pricing

You can lock your child’s spot at Kukenam Sleepaway Camp with a minimum deposit of $500


We understand the importance of financial planning, so all pending payments can be conveniently financed until May 2024. Monthly payments will be debited on the 30th of each month.

Special Registration Opening Day

November 24

for only 72 Hours until Monday November 27 at midnight

Siblings Discount

We offer a sibling discount when siblings register together. Call for details.

with just

$500.00 Deposit

for just 72 hours

Save $400.00

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Director-Led Excellence

At Kukenam Sleepaway Camp, your child’s safety and enjoyment are paramount. That’s why one or more Camp Directors/Owners are personally on-site throughout the entire camp session. With over 20 years of camp experience, our directors lead, supervise, and ensure the success of the entire camp program.

Join the Kukenam Sleepaway Adventure

Discover the magic of Kukenam Sleepaway Camp, where adventure and growth go hand in hand. Join us for a summer your child will cherish forever, filled with experiences that shape leaders and memories that last a lifetime.

We understand the importance of making an informed decision for your child’s summer experience. Feel free to explore our website, read testimonials, and reach out to us for more information about our sleepaway program. Your child’s journey of a lifetime begins here at Kukenam Sleepaway Camp!