Our Sleepaway Program provides the perfect environment and unique opportunity for campers between 7 and 15 years old, to have fun through a wide range of activities, challenges, and adventures… those experiences are the best way to develop skills and make campers work on their creativity, camaraderie, leadership, communication, teamwork, respect, and self-control.

All activities are supervised by our trained staff and counselors that guide the campers all day on their adventures, always caring for the physical and emotional safety and making sure they always have FUN.

The Camp its located At Orange Springs (about 5 hours north of Miami) very close to Ocala, FL. The facilities are perfectly designed for camp programs, with a beautiful lake for water activities, inflatables games, kayaks and fishing. We count with different multipurpose spaces, basketball and tennis courts, open fields for soccer, football, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, kickingball and baseball. Several indoor areas (with air conditioner) for activities and games and a super spacious indoor dining room with our DELICIOUS HOMESTYLE MENU as always.

One or more Camp Directors/Owners are personally on site during the entire Camp Session. With more than 20 years of camp experience, our directors will supervise and lead the entire camp program…

Our Session is 14 days

(Monday June 26th to Sunday July 9th)


Every Registration needs a minimum deposit of $500 (Non refundable)
All pending payments can be financed until May 2023. The 30th of each Month the account will be debited as a monthly payment.
Siblings discount $100 off to the whole family amount.



Is the camp in Spanish?

In our program, we promote bilingual skills (English-Spanish), practicing the use of both languages in case they need it. All our staff is bilingual, but the program is mostly in Spanish.

How are the groups formed?

Our camp is for Boys and Girls between 7 and 15 years old.
Campers are split into groups by Age and Gender. They will share a cabin with same gender groups.
During the day many of the activities are joined by all campers together.

Where are they going to sleep?

A very comfortable cabin, with an air conditioner, bunk beds, and restrooms inside, with the counselor and correspond coordinator supervising every moment.

What about the staff?

The difference in each camp relies on the environment created by the team that transforms any space into a magical world where children and young people can live the best moments and want to return year after year.
Our camp is enriched with a multicultural staff of talented young people who are welcome every year on our ongoing staff recruitment and training process for the different tasks and positions required by the camp.

What CIT mean?

The Word means; Counselor in Training. While these big campers are having fun, we teach them how to program activities and what they need to take care of or learn to be part of our future staff. This is the dream of every camper growing and feeling time is over as a camper.

Some of the offered activities?

• Adventure.
• Camp games.
• Rope courses and climbing Wall.
• Art & Craft.
• Sport Activities.
• Archery.
• Kayak.

How will you go to the Sleepaway camp?

Transportation will be provided and its INCLUDED… Comfortable air conditioned buses will transport all campers and Staff from Miami to the Camp on the first day and also will bring back everyone to Miami on the last day of Camp.

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